Love !!!!!!!! Dynamic with time……………….

Love !!!!!!!! Dynamic with time’



Memories, always past …. But recollected in present but their flow never erased from cranium, some how they strike the brain hemisphere. Such past stumble with incidence which we face in day to day life.

Human body is not only carcass of muscle , nerves ,blood tissues . A complete package is formed when whole body is adjoined with beautiful sprit. Spirit is always pure and divine. It is gift of god. Every human is lucky that they are adorned by spirit. Before birth man is unknown about eternal life how it is? Old people say that , at the time of birth we also get date of death.

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So this life is dynamic. Every seconds changes occur biologically, spiritually, chemically with change in behavior, thoughts, actions in human as change is inevitable process. Though god   gift us life, he has made nice coordination of mind, soul and body. All our feelings are   captured or controlled by these set of components. People life is exalted by gifts of adorable feelings of love, belief, trust, harmony, anger, hate, jealous which made life of human complete boon. One of the truth behavior of human being is that they always zeal to listen their praiseworthy words. They   like listen positive phonics. All are admired   or gloss with affectionate and lovely behavior. Why does they show such common behavior ? Is anyone can answer ? It is because of only the   effect of four lucky words I mean LOVE.   Love induce care in which people seeks for his whole life. At early we all creature   get abundant love and care from mother “our live god”. God has send us in earth with mother ‘s warm lap and poise milk who give full responsibility to the mother to have intense care in his absence. Love   from parents, sibling, friends neighbor even from life partner overwhelms all the up and down situation of life. The   waves of love arise from the soul and reveals out from beat of heart. When the feeling of love breaks at a point of life then it may rise the selfishness, hatemonger, debate, corruption, misbehavior etc.

Time never waits and change is inevitable so life goes on in its steady. Life goes through many twist and sometimes unexpected U- turn takes place .   Our life suffers with different phases. The most critical phase “TEEN AGE” where emotions are uncontrollable. Here X &Y factor starts to go in its job. Guy starts to wink and girls starts to show her shyness, sweet words and smile upon guys where infatuation starts .Such abstract instinct with madness in heart and imparts wonderful feeling which arise term CRUSH “a sweet emotion” may be bitter……hehe.

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It can empower psychological behavior, attitudes somehow at point of maturity and takes in different world which is real but far from reality. Pure and unconditional feeling symbolizes the divine LOVE. No one is careful about the society, caste, status, interest….. Eyes become open blind, environment get enchantered without flowers , blushing air, nervousness. We only wondered!!!!makes us day dreamer. As this phase passes our shoulder seeks responsibility so,life get in process of metamorphosized. We start to seek our life in reality not in dream and imagination. Lots of challenges , challenges, circumstances, personal interest starts to get victory but heart still wants true,pure and supportive love. Essence of responsibility being youth makes us practical for taking decisions in life. So love remains immortal ,everlasting with full of faith, honesty,care,respect and understanding…………………………………

Thank you !!!!!!                                                             ——- SAPANA GHIMIRE


About sapanaghimire75

i am a veterinary student, studying @ Institute of Agriculture And animal Science (IAAS) Rampur chitwan.Being admitted in veterinary field, i have interest to work in livestock sector along with its impact in public health. Veterinary medicine, Animal nutrition, microbiology including zonooses are my subjects of interest.
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